Dr. Birgit Mathon
„The Happymaker“

Dr. Birgit Mathon`s services include mentoring, happiness & self-confidence training and coping with stress and fear from the first session on.

In the „Academy of Happiness“ you will learn:

  • To experience happiness, serenity and fulfilment in every situation in life
  • To come to terms with yourself
  • Mental tools for overcoming anxiety or unwanted behaviour patterns
  • Build confidence and face situations of any kind without fear

„Here, the unthinkable is thought of – here, the unspeakable is spoken.

Here, solutions are worked out for seemingly unsolvable situations!“

„My work consists of pragmatic, highly effective techniques that neutralize suffering as quickly as possible and bring immediate positive change.

The name Academy of Happiness means that you yourself are able to shape your life as you wish. Whatever is in the way, I help to transform.“

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  • Development of new, healthy coping strategies, erasing old patterns
  • Resonance healing (neutralizing of limiting beliefs)
  • Energetic facelift (local session only)
  • Quick help with fears: panic attacks, exam or performance anxiety
  • Ending self-sabotage and „fear of success“
  • Communication for couples (mutual understanding instead of therapy)
  • Leadership-Coaching
  • „Saying No“ – Training
  • Mental training for musicians and performance artists

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Due to the current global situation, almost all services are currently also offered online.

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For inquiries and appointments contact me via
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